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OMG! I Read a Book on My Phone


Yes, I did! And I have to tell you, that’s a pretty serious achievement for a girl who didn’t have a smart phone until a year ago and has only owned an e-reader for eighteen months. But according to a GoodReads survey, I’m just joining the 37 percent of their users who are already reading on their phones, so as always, I’m behind the technology curve. Check out this article reporting on the trend.

What did I learn? I think it alters the reader’s sense of pacing and place in the content. Short paragraphs are better than longer paragraphs (not at all a general rule, but it made phone reading easier). For nonfiction, I think there are some potential difficulties. On the app I was using, it was almost impossible to jump back and forth without paging through, which could be problematic for works that encourage frequent referencing.

What are your thoughts on reading on your phone?

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